About Me

I graduated with two BA's from Indiana University, one in fine arts with a focus on photography and graphic design and the other in art history. My journey has lead me to work in areas as an artist, graphic designer, musician, video producer, database manager, packaging and web designer, podcast producer and photographer. 

Artist Statement
I'm passionate about photography and design as mediums for creatively expressing our individual ideas and realities. What we see is one part of who we are, and what we capture and create comes from the desire to share the memory of an experience in real or imaged. This desire to capture sublime experiences is one of the driving forces behind my work.

I know a lot about:
concept, production and execution of visual art 

I need help with:
meeting creative people, app development, database development 

Best advice I've received. 
Master everything given to you like a fire masters whatever is throw into it or Fear is the mindkiller

Who do I admire and why?
The dreamers. They never gave up.

What's my secret superpower? 
Visual Details 

What's my backup career in?
Fisher / Hammock weaver on the East coast of Mexico

If I had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would I teach?